Saturday, June 20, 2009

GOD is still beautiful in the valley...

  You know, I could write a post and say a lot of great things that make you feel real happy inside.  I can fill you with many positives of life.  There have been several great things happening lately.  We were able to watch as my Japanese friend was saved last Sunday--PRAISE THE LORD!!  Many thai children, living in poverty, filth, etc... were totally blessed when they received gifts from First Baptist Church in Milan, TN---PRAISE THE LORD!!!
  But, the truth is, personally, our family is in the valley, we are going through it big time right now. We NEED You to Pray.  No details, as it would take me a while.  I just want to be honest with you all.  The enemy is attacking our family in a huge way and we need  you to get on your face and pray with us.  Send them up, it is serious, it is hard, and it is not easy to stay on top of life some days.  It is very easy to get weary.  I literally feel as if scripture has to be in front of my face at all times in order to stay strong.  I really don't know what else to say except that it gets hard out here, the enemy is prowling around seeking whom he may devour, and in the name of Jesus it will not be this family.  
  Sometimes I get tired of only hearing how great everything is in everyone's life when I know there are struggles.  Let us be here for one another, let us talk about our lives so that we can walk in the fullness God has for us.  Let us be open and swallow all pride, why paint pictures, why play games, when the body of Christ is to be here for one another.  God gives us each other so that we can make it through the dark times.  The Christian life is not easy, therefore, everyone can't always be so perky, so let's not act like we are in a movie.  Let's not be fakes, let's not act like we are in Hollywood.  Let's not shut our hearts off to one another because of past wounds, insecurities, and the like.  Let's join hands, unite, and fight the enemy.  Find someone to open up to and spill your guts, express your feelings, your pains, and then let them pray for your wounded heart.  We all have been hurt, we all need JESUS.  Let's go for it together!!  
  My prayer is to not offend anyone by being so open, I know it is easier to listen to something sweet and that moves you emotionally for the better.  I BELIEVE that it is better for our health to face the facts and deal with the problems in order that our lives may be lived out in the fullness of joy that Christ intended for us!!!  
  I love you all!!  Thank you for your prayers!!  


Sunday, June 7, 2009


  I am lying in bed, awake, way too late.  Thinking upon the beauty of our Creator.  He is so magnificent!  I am praying for friends all over the world, some white with brown hair, some white with blonde hair, some black with black hair, some brown with black hair, some yellow-skinned with black hair, some large, some small, some rich, some poor, some Christian, some buddhists, some agnostic, some atheist.   Thinking of these friends and aquaintances, I began to think of the beauty of the Lord.  The Lord has blessed us all with the beauty of who He is, just with the people around us.  I think of these people, my friends, and how unique they all are.  They all love different things, have different habits, eat different foods, enjoy different entertainment.  One thing is the same among us all, they want to know the Creator of the Universe, they want to be loved by Jesus, they all long for this void to be filled, and some do not even know what it is they are looking for. They are searching, trying to figure out who they are, why they are here, what they are to be doing.  Let us go tell them.  We need to look around us and grab a hold of the richness of who HE is.  Who can we influence, encourage, motivate, or nurture.  We may be walking through uncertain times; economically, physically, personally, but nevertheless-- GOD has called you, He has called me, He has called all who call upon HIS name, to bless others with the light that He so freely gives.  Let it flow naturally, let His light illuminate your being so that others question what it is about you.  Don't strive, strain, or be restless. Be natural, be who you are, even if you yourself are walking through a tough time, God is still God, you still love Him, and you can still be a light.  Share your struggle and how you will lean on the Lord.  That is sometimes what other unbelievers need to hear.  Life is not always a walk in the park for a Christian.  We go through struggles, doubts, fears, disappointments, etc... but how do we handle it?  That is what others need to know.  Be open, be honest, be yourself.  Don't put on a " happy-I- am-always-great-kind-of face".  Share how you pray through to the end, you persevere, you suffer long, you love the unlovable, touch the untouchable, keep no record of wrongs.  Just look for that open door, it is there, it is obvious.  If you look, you will see it.  But, if we are too preoccupied with our own self, we may miss it.  Stop thinking about your circumstance,  your inadequacies, your failures.  Everyone has made mistakes, made a wrong decision, or said the wrong thing.  Just look for the door and advance, be the light that the individual in your door may not have seen for some time or ever.  It will come natural, light attracts darkness, just shine!  
  I am thinking of a wonderful, young girl from Japan, whom I recently had the privilege of hanging out with here at home.  She is so lost, but so drawn to the light.  I have seen her begin to illuminate, just from hanging out in the light.  Is she saved yet, no, but GOD is for her, and if we as believers continue to shine around her, God will eventually shine through her.  
 I think of another friend, a thai convert, who has recently allowed a cultural difference begin to move her away from believers.  Pray that she be reunited and continues to let the light of God shine through her.  She shines all over our community, she is beautiful, and the enemy is trying his best to snuff her out.  BUT GOD!!  He is in control, He will win!!  
  Another, a German and his thai wife, are drawn to the light-- continually.  Another, a thai business man and his ever-so-small wife--are drawn to the light.  Another, our thai teacher from when we first arrived--going through personal struggles within the family--is drawn. How many that we converse with daily are being touched by the light they receive and we don't even realize it.  I see it all before me, I am just waiting anxiously, for God to move strongly on them all!  
  Please pray and LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE NATURALLY!!!  Bless those around you!  

Love you all!