Monday, May 31, 2010

Feeling a Little Crafty

Greetings my Friends!!

We had such a tragic accident recently involving, Lake, our 7 year old. He was playing hide-n-seek and ran through a plate glass door. This was such a serious accident concerning the use of his right hand, because he severed 2 inches of his brachial artery, severed his medial nerve, and damaged his bicep and pectoral muscles. If you would, please continue or begin to lift him up in your prayers. I have so many thoughts right now concerning this accident, the way I have handled it emotionally, etc... but, I do not want to entertain most of them and don't know exactly what to do with the others.
The fact is, my son is going to live, he is doing great, and that brings joy to my life!
Exactly a week later, we celebrated the 31st birthday of my husband and the 11th birthday of my daughter. We had a great party and it was a blessing to celebrate!! They are both wonderful people!! I am blessed!

I have been on a mad hunt for burlap for almost a month now, and what do you know, I can't find any!! I have one more place to check in Bangkok, but, when that will happen, I am unsure. I am wanting to make some cute, little DIY curtains for the kitchen. So, if you know where, in Thailand, I can find burlap, would you please email me :). Check out this cute wreath too, I need burlap!!!

I know people want to hear from me, so I am trying my best to write...but, I really don't know what to say. The Lord has been having me read Ephesians 4-5 over and over for a couple of months now. What I am getting out of it seems so elementary, but I believe that if we will apply it to our lives, it can transform the atmosphere of our homes and our relationships. My Bible is n't beside me and the children are asleep in both rooms where they are, so I will paraphrase.

We should let NO unwholesome talk come out of our mouths! If it doesn't edify or build up, keep you mouth shut. There should be no coarse joking. Our words should always mean something. That means don't ramble on and on about something insignificant. We are wasting time.

I feel like I am such a rambler. I can be in the middle of a conversation with someone and just catch myself telling every detail. What's the point? If someone tells me they like my shirt, I am there saying, 'Oh, it's old, I bought, etc...', instead of just receiving the complement and moving on. Don't you enjoy those few people whom you sit down with and the conversations are so rich, edifying, encouraging, and uplifting? Those are the relationships that are so fulfilling.
Do the words that come out of our mouths edify others always? I feel like I have written something similar to this before, but if so...these are the things the Lord is working in me still. I feel like a child, I still haven't grabbed it and kept it.
I get so frustrated sometimes with 5 voices needing mommy, and then something major, like my son's accident happens, and I feel so strong and able to withstand the pressure. I believe that we should strive, at least I should, to be a quiet, gentle, reserved, but open and honest woman of God. Lord, let every word that falls from my lips land with meaning and purpose. Help me to be quiet. Help me to speak gently, at all times, to those I love the most.

Within these last few days, I believe the Lord is refreshing my memory of how important motherhood is. You know how something is when you have done it for several years, it sort of becomes monotonous, you get used to it. We shouldn't get use to motherhood or being a good wife. These callings need to remain fresh on our minds, we need to continue to feed this calling with the word and the encouragement of other God-fearing women.

Speaking of God-fearing women...a wonderful woman in my life named Cathy Flynn, has a new blog...go check it out

Life is really good with GOD, He is amazing, He brings light and life to my life! He is the source of all true joy, peace, and happiness. He thinks all things are beautiful, no matter where we have been. He forgives continuously...He loves always...and well, He is just the only reason for living.

God Bless You all!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Call Out to You Milanites!!

Hey Everyone!
I have had all of my close friends, friends, acquaintances, old teachers, even the cashiers at Wal-Mart, on my heart for the last 3 weeks. Well, since the death of Chad. I stood at my kitchen sink washing dishes, worshipping with Kim Walker to 'We Cry Out', when I felt the Holy Spirit come down. I began to pray earnestly for my friends in Milan, you that I have many memories with, you that I have only a few memories with, and you that I barely know. I haven't had much free time, so I have been unable to blog...then, there were two more tragedies that occurred affecting the city of Milan. I cannot tell you, nor articulate to you the strength and peace that comes following an INTIMATE relationship with the Lord. I say 'intimate', because that is what HE wants. He doesn't want you to 'talk about Him like He's not in the room', He wants you to 'talk right to Him'! We are a chosen generation...we are special and we are called to reach out to those lost and dying, called to reach out to them before Hell does. Please get up, wake up, pick up your heads...answer the calling of the Lord in your spirits! It will be the greatest decision you will ever make!! Stop being selfish and thinking You can live life without Him!! He is everything!! He IS what life is all about. It is not about the check you bring home each month, the newest movie out, the latest fashion, the latest gossip...stop living the "American Dream". Stop living a soap opera! Get a clue!! The world is falling apart, completely around the globe... IT is way past time to WAKE UP!! GET out of your little bubble!
Now for the love...I do, I love you all so much! I have love in my heart for you I barely even know! No kidding, I can feel the love for the little granny greeting me at Wal-Mart! I miss so many things about our small town, what a connection we all really and truly have. You don't realize how special Milan is until you don't live there. On top of that add living in Thailand with a huge language barrier and people you barely know for 3 years! I love you guys so very much and pray that you understand my heart when reading this!! FREEDOM AND PEACE AND LOVE is YOURS, and HAPPINESS in CHRIST JESUS!! (and He is super cool :) , for any of you out there who might think otherwise) He is the most popular, the fad, the newest, the latest, the BEST!!