My name is Sandy, I am happily married to my highschool sweetheart.  We have 4 children, homeschool a, and are serving the Lord in Thailand.  I enjoy blogging because I am able to think about life as I write.  With four children, sometimes I find that difficult to do.  In writing I am able to encourage myself at times and hopefully others...as this path of life is not the simplest  :).  I love simplicity, peace, and quiet, ironically my life seems the total opposite at times.  Although the greatest peace and quiet comes from the simple gift of Christ living within me.  So, enjoy, as I take you on a journey of the wonderful adventures of the Lovorn family.
  We love nature, hiking, camping, playing games, campfires, cooking, healthy living, learning, exploring, most things life-giving are exciting to us.  Our children our ages 11 yo- 17 months and hopefully more on the way.  We would love to adopt one day.  Our focus in Thailand is winning souls to the Kingdom, planting churches, and discipling believers.  It's a long road...and slow at times.
  Homeschooling is a passion of mine.  I enjoy it throughly!  We love Charlotte Mason and classical education, though I lean more towards Charlotte...mainly because I have read more of her books than anything on classical education. 

Blessings and Fire,