Being Fruitful

My Top Twenty Reasons For Letting God Control Childbearing

1. His ways far surpass mine and are perfect!

2. You get more hugs and kisses throughout life...the more children we have the more blessed we will be when we are older.

3. The More the Mightier-We are training a Godly generation that will cover the earth with the Gospel and prepare the way for Jesus' return. I want another arrow for the army.

4. I just love being a mother! I love pregnancy. I love giving birth, and I love breastfeeding.  It is all such a miracle.

5.  The hormones I recieve during, after, and while nursing have so many benefits. And they prevent menses (for me anyway :)

6. There is true freedom!

7. We don't want to deprive our parents of their "crowning glory" (Pro. 17:6) We want to bless them with grandchildren.

8. Having babies causes me to depend on God moment to moment! I must have HIM!  He will not give us more than we can bear.

9. To be convicted of sin and bad habits as I see my sinful nature in my children's sinful nature.

10. Children teach me to become a servant, and that's what Jesus wants us to be.  He came to serve rather than to be served.

11. We live in an era where so many individuals condone the denial of life or the taking of lives- we want to give life- for life is sacred.

12. We want to establish a godly dynasty that will continue down the generations to come.

13. Because I am fulfilling the only career that is eternal!  Every other career will be left behind when we go to Heaven, but I can take my children with me.

14.  They are sooo much fun!  Always laughing, giggling, entertaining!

15.  There's always someone around to visit with, play with, pray with, or read to.

16. I become a better mother with each child I have.

17. I want to say 'yes' to God and all He has for our lives.

18. God said to Jeremiah, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you..." God is the One who will form my future children.  If He knew Jeremiah before conception, then He knows all my children before conception; yes, even the children who haven't yet been formed.  I don't want to refuse children God has chosen.

19. We love receiving gifts and blessings from God.

20.  I love to see what God thinks of next!There is nothing that moves me as much as seeing the birth of the next baby!  They are wonderfully, amazingly, miraculous!

is it really already 20...:)

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