Learning at Home

Cross between Charlotte Mason and Unschooling.  We do NOT try to re-create the public school system in our home!  It's fun!  I love it!  I enjoy it!  It's a passion!

This was school too. 
We like books, history, Math-U-See, Apologia Science...we take a little from Ambleside, Carole Joy Seid, Simply Charlotte Mason, and Charlotte Mason Help.

You might say this about me...'I am but a poise of many man's flowers, with only the string that binds them as my own'.  I can't remember who said that, but it described me so perfectly that I memorized it!

Life is good, life is fun...let's enjoy it with our children.  Learning happens naturally...we didn't pick our baby up at 6 months and try to force him to walk across the floor.  He learned when he was ready.  I have had to learn to RELAX!  I want to laugh a lot and stress as little as possible.  Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Children are smart...they will learn.  Create a learning atmosphere. Life is learning all the time, we never stop.  When you stop learning, you stop living.  When you think you know it all, you really know nothing.