Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Call Out to You Milanites!!

Hey Everyone!
I have had all of my close friends, friends, acquaintances, old teachers, even the cashiers at Wal-Mart, on my heart for the last 3 weeks. Well, since the death of Chad. I stood at my kitchen sink washing dishes, worshipping with Kim Walker to 'We Cry Out', when I felt the Holy Spirit come down. I began to pray earnestly for my friends in Milan, you that I have many memories with, you that I have only a few memories with, and you that I barely know. I haven't had much free time, so I have been unable to blog...then, there were two more tragedies that occurred affecting the city of Milan. I cannot tell you, nor articulate to you the strength and peace that comes following an INTIMATE relationship with the Lord. I say 'intimate', because that is what HE wants. He doesn't want you to 'talk about Him like He's not in the room', He wants you to 'talk right to Him'! We are a chosen generation...we are special and we are called to reach out to those lost and dying, called to reach out to them before Hell does. Please get up, wake up, pick up your heads...answer the calling of the Lord in your spirits! It will be the greatest decision you will ever make!! Stop being selfish and thinking You can live life without Him!! He is everything!! He IS what life is all about. It is not about the check you bring home each month, the newest movie out, the latest fashion, the latest gossip...stop living the "American Dream". Stop living a soap opera! Get a clue!! The world is falling apart, completely around the globe... IT is way past time to WAKE UP!! GET out of your little bubble!
Now for the love...I do, I love you all so much! I have love in my heart for you I barely even know! No kidding, I can feel the love for the little granny greeting me at Wal-Mart! I miss so many things about our small town, what a connection we all really and truly have. You don't realize how special Milan is until you don't live there. On top of that add living in Thailand with a huge language barrier and people you barely know for 3 years! I love you guys so very much and pray that you understand my heart when reading this!! FREEDOM AND PEACE AND LOVE is YOURS, and HAPPINESS in CHRIST JESUS!! (and He is super cool :) , for any of you out there who might think otherwise) He is the most popular, the fad, the newest, the latest, the BEST!!


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  1. You are super cool! Man you make me smile!!!! I love you!