Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Just Can't Be Replaced!

  I am sitting here right now, just crying, missing all my wonderful, close, loving family members and friends, the same ones I always squawk about:).  I know, God has called us here, He will take me through.  Somehow, right this moment, it isn't really making things easier.  I think it started this morning when I skyped with my bestie...it just caused reality to set in once again.  Sometimes I just put it out of my mind, the things we are missing, other times I try to stay focused on what God is doing in the big picture and how blessed we are.  Either way, it's just more difficult at certain times than others.  Knowing that my family is going to all be together in a few days and all of the warm fuzzies that Christmas time brings to the heart, just causes my heart sadness.  There are friends here, and I have my favorite family with me(my immediate)--thank the Lord...so, I will get off of here and go muster up some potpourri, put on some carols, and choose to make the most of this season.  The outreach is Saturday and then we need to finish up the rest of our shopping.  Thank you my wonderful online journal for being my ear right now :).  And, to anyone else reading...just give those closest to you extra love this season...believe me, if they weren't around, you would realize what you have.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Sitting here crying and missing you all too - but God. He has a plan bigger than my mind can comprehend and one day we will all be together with no more tears, no more sorrow, no more sadness - together forever with our loved ones and Him! I still ache in my heart to hold you all and see you having fun every day. I have to go to work - love you so much. Thanks for writing in your journal and the precious picture of Lake and Moriah. Love mom

  2. Oh Sandy that makes me sad but then your jumping up and making potpouri made me smile at your tenacity. I love you and your family so much. I was sharing at our company Christmas party about the truck, Lake's accident, the flood and how our company provided for y'all. Letting them know that they have an account in Heaven for their hard work. And so do you, when you have a nedd it will always be supplied because of the work y'all are doing there. the hopeless, the oppressed, the hungry, the unbelieving are being touched by the work even when you do not know it. I declare over you a joyous Christmas and New Year and a joyous outreach with a joyous outcome. I love you and thank you

  3. You are a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold day... I love you!