Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where Would I Be?

  Well, we survived the Christmas season!  We had such a fun, exciting, joyful time celebrating Jesus this year. And, we were all worn out!  The children were so blessed and really enjoyed the season.  In fact, we were still listening to Christmas music tonight in the car!  I did get all of the decorations put away this week. We are now the proud owners of two more creatures...a hedgehog named 'Sonic' and a sugar glider named 'Sugar'. They are adorable little animals and have already brought much delight to our home.
    The outreach at our home on the 18th went very good.  About 40 people showed up, including children.  We ate, had introductions, showed a short video with Franklin Graham and a Thai lady gave her testimony.  Then, we played Santa Swap.  It was around 9 pm at that point and people began to leave.  So, with those that remained we sang a few carols.  We know seeds were sown and feel very thankful for so many friends to be able to share the gospel with.  There is one elderly man specifically that has shown interest in studying the Bible.  Please pray for him, his name is 'Boonrock'. The plan is to start studying with him monthly or more if he is willing.  He already has been studying the Bible on his own.
  On Christmas Eve morning John shared the Christmas Story with around 3,000 students and staff at Ratchasima II school.  He did a wonderful job speaking the story in both Thai and English.  There was so much noise and distraction with so many people plus my 4 children that the program was over before I knew it. We tried to video it, but it's such poor quality.  Believing again that much of the teachings of Jesus are being planted in fertile soil!!!  Many of these students are hearing from John about the Lord on a regular basis.  He teaches English at the school and has been teaching about God.  He explained to them a few weeks ago how it is very impolite to say, 'Oh My G**!'  The students couldn't believe it.  Then, he was able to talk about their king and how they wouldn't dare blaspheme the king, proceeding to explain that God is the Creator of the whole universe and when saying that we are disrespecting Him!  What Excitement!!!!  And...not knowing what God is going to do in these precious peoples lives!!!  Believe and pray with us for their souls!!!
  On a personal level...God has really been bringing up more things in my heart and life that I was pushing down.  I knew I was, but it just seemed better to hold it in, sometimes it just makes life easier (but does it?).  It really does have to come out, so, after the holidays, I spent some time dealing with things.  I feel so much better.  I love God so much and love how He is always right here, so help me with life!!  I just can't imagine life without Him.  I was listening to a song was saying, 'Where would I be if you hadn't died on that cross and shed the blood?' I don't even want to THINK about where I would be!  Thank you JESUS!  Life is so wonderful.

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  1. Man... if I were lost in body and soul, you sure would be the one I would feel safe with. You guys are such a safe place for the lost people of Thailand! You love with your whole heart! Love love love!