Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flora of Thailand

We have had such a great time on our nature hikes lately. We are studying from Anna Botsford Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study. It has been so fun and interesting for the children. We are going to put just a few pictures of our flowers along with their scientific names, just for your information :).

This is a beautiful flowering bush/tree that grows all around our little neighborhood, as do the others we photographed. This is one of many of the mangrove plant species recorded in Thailand. There is a total of 87 true species. This is called RED TERUNTUM (Lumnitzera littorea), it grows about 3 metres tall, while the ones that bloom white grow around 6 m. There is no fragrance, so the children have concluded that the bees and butterflies are attracted for the bright red color. Madaline seems to think it could be related to honeysuckle...kind of taste like it. Guess we need to find that out next.

This is FRANGIPANE or PLUMERIA (Nerium oleander). There are many colors, mostly we see white or pink, this is a mix. Is the fragrance from this flower the essence of the Bath and Body 'Plumeria' series, I would bet that it is. The fragrance is wonderful and is stronger at night. This is used mostly in Buddhist temples for worship. The tree can grow up to 8 metres. It is pollinated by the Sphinx moth. The bees, butterflies, etc...definitely come for the fragrance and probably the color as well.
This is called Cassia fistula, The GOLDEN SHOWER TREE, or THAIS, it is the national tree and its flower is the national flower. It blooms in summer. This flower has a subtle fragrance, so the children decided that bees and butterflies come for the color and the fragrance.

A little glimpse into our hiking lately. It has really been a blast and something we look forward to all week.

Hope you all have a blessed week! Happy Learning!!

It's all for HIM!!!


  1. I love it. It reminds me so much of all the times I would get the "F" encyclopedia down that Jake and Heather still have. I would draw the many different fish and work so hard to color them just like they were in the encyclopedia. Then I would feel God telling me "How can anyone not believe in me when you see these beautiful and different fish. Could you make a fish?" Well of course I could not and I started believing the awesomeness of God because of those fish. Thank God that you are teaching your children, my blessed grandchildren to have a mom like you, about the beauty and magnificence of His creation. I love you! MOM

  2. Can you come home and take me on a nature walk? Or better yet, can I come over to your house and go with you! I have a story to tell you of our nature hike yesterday...all I kept thinking was, "I wish Sandy and her children were here!" love love love