Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exciting Times!

There is such a stirring in my spirit...with all of the disasters taking place around the world, one can't help knowing that God is moving among us all. Expectancy is high! I just can't wait for the presence of God to fall so strongly in Thailand, for revival to come...for the lost to come to Him! Devastation is all around, desperation is on every corner...please continue praying. Pray that the hearts and visions of missionaries around the globe and especially in Thailand will stay on fire, filled up, and ready to pour out to the people. Pray for strength that missionaries will not grow weary, complacent, and content but, that we will stay hungry, expectant, prayerful and mindful! Pray that the hearts of the Thai people will be softened and eager to hear the word of the Lord, salvation, grace, and love.
Much love to you all!!

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  1. I love this new look on your blog - especially the title. That is your passion given to you by God. I think that it is very awesome!!!!! May God use you and our generations all the days of your life to help our families get our focus back to what it should be. I love you - MOM