Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today is Friday, I love Fridays. Mainly, because it we have group day and it is so much fun. We have been working on Egyptian Pyramid replicas all week and today we will add some more finishing touches. Of course, I will have pictures of the whole thing soon :). We have recitation, hymn study, folk song, corrections from math, science tests, and several other things.
( Moriah is sitting here in my lap nursing on and off. I have to admit, some days I think to myself, 'enough already'). I am trying to stay focused and on task today. We have had a busy week. As I am working on our Term 2 schedules, which we begin next week, I have realized that I have not been consistently reading our 'Handbook of Nature Study' on Fridays. I just forgot! So, today-HONS!! I will not forget. And, nature hiking---definitely on the schedule. The weather is wonderful, so we will head out on bicycles soon.
We started "The Ten Commandments" last night, made it to intermission, so we will finish that. And, working on some ornaments, as I can't wait to get the tree up! Needing to plan out Thanksgiving Dinner...yippee!!
Okay, just a quick post to let you hold me accountable to my plans :). Just remember, nothing ever goes as planned, but it is better to have one- a plan :), expect the worst and HOPE for the best!!

Happy Homeschooling Day!!


  1. Sandy,
    I made a comment last night and it is saying no comments today. I am confused, but I will comment again. Love your new blog look, especially the statement at the top about God loving, arrow producing, homeschooling, mission minded family. May our generations continue this incredible mindset and change from the American way to do it.
    I love it and I am so proud of you and John and what you are doing. I know that it has not been easy, but oh so much more rewarding compared to rut that I was stuck in for years. I love you and decree in Jesus name that all your vision and dreams will come to pass abundantly above all you expect or think. May the arrows you and John produce hit the mark for God's purposes. I love you = Mom

  2. I'd love to see the replicas! What a cool project!