Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Come On Sandy--Keep the Hat On!!!

Merry Christmas from Thailand!! We are working really hard around here to make it seem like Christmas. It is cooler and windy, but definitely not cold and snowy. I have heard the children on and off, murmuring this or that about the weather and how the season just doesn't seem like Christmas. Then, how no one tells them 'Merry Christmas' around here. We are still practicing our 'kind' hat wearing around the home. Seems as if we are all busy trying to do school, but wanting to be in 'holiday' mode, and that is hard. Who gets excited about working when it's Christmas time? I am just trying to hang on for 3 more weeks, stay focused, and diligent and in the meantime, BE KIND!
Why is it so hard? John and I were discussing this very question just a few days ago. Us being here in Thailand, makes for excessive amounts of time WITH one another. So, we have to practice kindness during 'at home' hours, which are 24/7. This is unlike America, where you have various outings to go to, with OTHER family and friends. We are TOGETHER ALL THE TIME...except our date night, which is 3.5 hours a week.
This is challenging, at the same time I am very thankful for this test. It is teaching and showing all of us our weaknesses. John and I were saying how if we can't be kind and show love in the home, what is the point of trying to spread the love of Jesus to others we don't know. We can't be too hard on ourselves when we fail 5, 10, 25% of the time. God forgives, children forgive, we forgive. The point is, we have to pick up, turn around, and do better the next time. Lord, help me today to continue to walk in kindness and love towards those VERY close to me :).
This is just a little of what is on my heart today, wishing I had time to write more, post pics, etc. The two babies are down and I need to run. Time to go read aloud--Story of the Greeks and Our Island Story to the oldest.
Merry Christmas to you all!!!
Wish you could see all my lights on the tree, or the plug-in, it is such a sight. I have 11 plugs in one strip outlet!!! It is hysterical, but I believe it is safe, just a little red-neck. At least I have lights, right?

...'but the greatest of these is love'. 1 Cor. 13


  1. I love your heart. You are a great writer. Keep it coming. I pray that you are keeping these writings on a flash drive. They are priceless. I will have them on my computer, but wonder if my computer crashes. Anyway, loving those closest to us is the challenge sometimes. God help us all and help us, as you said, not to be too hard on ourselves. I am blessed to call you my daughter. I love you all and I am missing you today. MOM

  2. Well put Sandy. I find its my family I let have the brunt of my bad mood and the rest of the world gets my best face. I feel convicted that I can just "be myself" at home without trying to be KIND. Its something I must be reminded of. Thanks